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How Is My Cake Made?

The Bake

Our unique blended recipes use the finest ingredients and have been developed over the nine years we have been in business to achieve the perfect sponge flavours. Our cakes are never frozen and are always freshly baked the week of your wedding.

If you require Gluten, Dairy, Egg or Nut-free cake this can be accommodated. Due to this requiring exclusive use of the baking areas/ovens, such flavours carry an additional charge of £25 per tier.


The Coating

As standard each sponge flavour is coated in a white marzipan undercoat followed by a fondant or frosting top finishing coat. Marzipan can be replaced with chocolate ganache and an additional undercoat of fondant. As this option includes an additional layer of coating this carries a cost of £8 per tier. The tier is then finished as normal with a top layer of fondant/ frosting depending on design selected. Our chocolate ganache undercoat consists of melted premium Belgian chocolate mixed with cream; this then sets and seals the moisture in the sponge.


The Build

Plastic cake dowels are used in each cake tier to support tiered wedding cakes. Each tier is 3.5” in height as standard. This includes one 12mm thick cake drum which sits on the base of each tier. You will only ever find cake drums on the base of our wedding tiers. Drums allow a dowel’s point to secure itself in the drum, making the cake very stable.

We do not use basic cake boards for any of our wedding cakes. Cake boards are around 3mm thick (and are substantially cheaper than cake drums) however do not provide the same quality and stability as drums.

If you wish, you can select up to two additional cake drums to be added to each tier (for an additional cost of £12.50), increasing the height of each tier by around 1”. The amount of cake in each tier remains the same; this option is designed for aesthetic purposes only.


Cake Portions

A 3 tier cake will provide around 90 portions; 4 tiers will provide around 120 portions and 5 tiers will provide around 160 portions.

Each portion should be cut to a size of 2”X 1” to achieve the above portion quantities.



We aim to deliver all wedding cakes the day prior to your venue. In some instances the venue may not be able to accept delivery the day prior, in which case your cake will be delivered on the day. We aim to keep on the day deliveries to a minimum to avoid any issues with traffic or unforeseen delays.